DSK-4 is the leader in panel
building in Ukraine

524 residential buildings
5 400 000 m2of residential real estate
82 000 apartments

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Advantages of our company

Enterprise "DSK-4" has 40 years of experience in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products. 

The factory has modern equipment and is ready to provide high-quality products on favorable terms in Kiev and the Kiev region.

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About us

Year of foundation 1977

Throughout its operations, PJSC DSK-4 has brought more than 520 residential buildings. Only for 2010-2015 the company accounts for 25 real estate objects with a total area of more than 630 thousand square meters. And this is more than 10% of the new buildings in Kiev for this period.

The company managed to achieve such high positions thanks to its qualified team, perfect management, application of the latest technologies, high-quality materials and structures, in particular reinforced concrete products of its own production, and orientation to European quality standards.

PJSC "DSK-4" is a part of the "DSK-Zhitlobud" Corporation.

Own production

  • Concretes and reinforced concrete products
  • Metal ware
  • Metal-plastic products
  • Wooden joinery

Construction services

  • Organization of construction
  • Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
  • Engineering activities
  • Landscaping and gardening
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Taking into account modern regulatory requirements, DSK-4 has mastered the technology of building multi-stored residential buildings with a height of 36 floors.


DSK-4 equipped with modern construction equipment: concrete mixers, concrete pumps, bulldozers, excavators, forklift trucks, bridge and gantry cranes, tower cranes.


  • Romanenko Volodimir Volodimirovich

    Romanenko Volodimir Volodimirovich

    First Deputy Head of the Board, Chief Engineer

    (044) 428-23-95
  • Popova Irina Yuryevna

    Popova Irina Yuryevna

    Chief Accountant

    (044) 430-97-50
  • Chkadua Astamur Chichikovich

    Chkadua Astamur Chichikovich

    Deputy Head of the Board with commercial, general and social issues

    (044) 430-97-50
  • Stepanenko Natalia Vyacheslavovna

    Stepanenko Natalia Vyacheslavovna

    Deputy Head of the Board from economic and financial issues

    (044) 428-23-95

Corporation "DВK-ZHITLOBUD"

Corporation "DВK-ZHITLOBUD"


"House-building Combine No. 4" with almost 40 years of work experience, a glorious history of victories and achievements - the flagship of the Corporation "DSK-Zhitlobud"..

Concrete mixing plant of the factory PJSC "DSK-4" with the capacity of 130m3 3 of concrete and mortar mixes per hour allows to produce up to 1100 thousand m3 per year of ready-mixed concrete and mortars.

  • Plant PJSC DSK-4

    Plant PJSC DSK-4
  • Production of panels

    Production of panels
  • Production of windows

    Production of windows
  • Corporation "DВK-ZHITLOBUD"

    Corporation "DВK-ZHITLOBUD"

Building sites

  • Kindergarten


    Kindergarten №362, Zakrevsky st. 99-A.

  • Myloslavychi


    Residential complex, Nikolay Zakrevsky st. 95а

  • Christer Grad

    Christer Grad

    Residential complex, st. Sergey Danchenko, 5

  • University


    Kyiv University named after Boris Grinchenko

  • Heart Institute

    Heart Institute

    Bratislavskaya street 5A

  • Olympic


    Reconstruction of NSC "Olympic"

  • Korona


    36-storey building, st. Sribnokilsky, 1




  • Center of recreation
  • Sports complex


  • Polyclinic
  • Massage
  • Laundry
Working conditions

Working conditions

  • Temporary housing
  • Discounts on meals

Employee feedback

  • Anatoly, work experience of 23 years.
    My salary depends on the output, the more I work, the more I get. In 2007, I bought an apartment - on favorable terms, because the company provided me with benefits.
    Anatoly, work experience of 23 years.
  • Ruslan, work experience 11 years
    I like my work, the atmosphere in the team is positive, people are conscientious. Satisfied the fact, that we have health insurance. We go with family to have a rest on the sea under the voucher.
    Ruslan, work experience 11 years
  • Marina, work experience 2 years
    After graduating from the Polytechnic University, I first worked as a controller, but after 4 months I moved to the post of engineer-technologist. I think that our reinforcement shop is the best!
    Marina, work experience 2 years
  • Alexander, work experience 41 years.
    In 1976, I came to the factory as a mechanic, then became a foreman, and now I am also a mentor, because we are training graduates from college. In the DSK-4 there is a recreation center near Kiev, I like to go fishing there.
    Alexander, work experience 41 years.
  • Leonid, work experience 27 years.
    I have been working here for almost a quarter of a century, the plant constantly updates equipment and develops technologies. Today we do not have enough qualified young specialists. During the work at the plant, I bought an apartment.
    Leonid, work experience 27 years.
  • Valentina,work experience of 30 years
    I've been working since 1987 and can no longer imagine working in other places. At one time bought an apartment here at cost price. There is an opportunity to buy voucher at a discount of up to 70%. Now it's nice to remember trips to Alupka, Odessa, St. Petersburg.
    Valentina,work experience of 30 years
  • Roza Ivanovna, work experience of 22 years.
    We have a wonderful team! Management always thinks up something interesting for the holidays, so it does not do without pleasant gifts, there is an inspiration for work.
    Roza Ivanovna, work experience of 22 years.
  • Anatoly, work experience since 2017.
    I had an internship on the combine and I was offered to stay here to work. And I agreed, because I see a perspective in the work. Amazed by the volume of production of its own shop.
    Anatoly, work experience since 2017.

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